Where can I find love?

This question have been on peoples mind since the beginning of time. Where can I find love? There is a quick and simple answer and there is a long and more deep answer. 

The quick answer to where to find love (and sex):
Search for it online on places where others who also are looking for love are gathered. A dating site for adults who are looking for love and sex. Here (www.findmesex.org) is a great example of such a dating site - it has millions of active users in every corner of the world. Go there and look for the love of your life or the one to share your bed tonight. Chances are high you will find plenty!

Where can I find love?
The long and deep answer to where to find love:

Where you least expect it. Cliché, I know, but it's basicly true. Love can be developed from friendship over several years or it can hit you in the head like lightning while walking the street. You can find it when doing your laundry, when jogging or when you go to dinner at a friends house. It can find you online, in a cafeteria or on the bus.
One thing is certain - you can affect your chances greatly. How? By making yourself available - in person by taking courses, night class, survey groups or crashing weddings. Or, if you don't like or have the time to do stuff like that you can make yourself available online.
So the key is creating opportunity for "lightning" to hit you. I can help you with the online bit - go here and sign up (it's free!) and start looking for people of interest: www.findmesex.org
This subject will be elaborated further at a later time.